Monday, 15 December 2014

Vaigai's Home Tips For Buying Tiles

Floor Tiles add vibrance to the entire room. At Vaigai, we are proud to showcase a wide variety of tiles in different colours, sizes & designs across leading brands. Choosing the right tile can add the right ambience and look to your room interiors. Let your guests be floored by your home, literally!

Choose your Tiles carefully taking advice from our staff. It is important to get the correct adhesives, profiles, mattings and waterproofing systems to ensure the tiling lasts a lifetime.

For wet areas such as bathrooms it is essential to choose an Anti-skid tile. Incase you are redoing an old bathroom which is older than 10- 12 years, the quality of the concealed pipes has to be checked to see if there has been any rusting. Once checked and rectified the redoing of the tiles can be done.

Make sure floor tiles are suitably slip resistant for bare feet in wet conditions.
Being a leading distributor of tiles, wood flooring, CP fittings and sanitary ware, in Chennai, our team can assist you in your product selections.

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